A Light That Never Goes Out

Dueling looks at the True/False film festival (virtual and physical) and an interview with filmmaker Theo Anthony about the very fine All Light, Everywhere

The latest episode of The Last Thing I Saw podcast is another two-parter. I’ll start with the second part since it’s about a movie that’s coming right up called All Light, Everywhere. I interviewed the director, Theo Anthony, about his fascinating secret history of body-cams, which turns into a multifaceted study of perception and justice, pulling in different documentary elements like a visit to a body-cam manufacturer and an unforgettable Baltimore community meeting about police surveillance.

All Light, Everywhere opens on June 4th but it recently screened in the True/False Film Festival – and that’s the other part of this podcast episode. I attended the festival virtually this year and I compare notes on the movies with a critic who went in person, Cosmo Bjorkenheim of Screen Slate. So this is partly a festival report on excellent films to look forward to, but it’s also partly a (comedic?) reflection on our different experiences of moviegoing.

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Episode 44: The True/False Film Festival + An Interview with Theo Anthony, Director of All Light, Everywhere

This episode is also available on Apple iTunes.

Movies discussed include: Petit Samedi, Delphine’s Prayers, This Rain Will Never Stop, The Grocer’s Son, the Mayor, the Village, and the World [that’s one movie], From the Wild Sea

Theo Anthony is the director of All Light, Everywhere and Rat Film. All Light, Everywhere opens on June 4, and had its world premiere at Sundance (followed by screenings at True/False Film Fest and New Directors New Films).

Cosmo Bjorkenheim is a critic and managing editor of Screen Slate.

For more information on the podcast’s opening music by The Minarets (gratefully used with permission):

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Odds Against Tomorrow (Criterion)

Last Night at the Alamo (Screen Slate Virtual Cinema)

Pariah (Criterion)

Los Angeles Plays Itself (MUBI)

Streetwise + Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell (Criterion)

Tale of Cinema (MUBI)


This week for subscribers only I’m making available my 2011 interview with Lars von Trier, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Melancholia, which seems to be getting some renewed attention for its depiction of depression and meteor-induced global apocalypse.


Here I might end with a song.


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