All in one place: the highlights from Cannes that will endure, discussed on a delightful series of podcasts

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Now we are 10: today marks the latest installment of my special Cannes series of podcasts. Why not, the movies are quite good! I’ve put a sampling of the episodes below, covering movies like The New Wes Anderson Movie, The New Paul Verhoeven Movie, the top award-winner Titane, and others you’ll hear more about down the road. That includes the latest episode with Amy Taubin about a trio of fine movies set in Latin America that shouldn’t be overlooked.

You’ll get an excellent sense of what’s new and good in cinema from the best in the business on this podcast, which I’m happy to say is fairly thorough in covering the festival’s highlights. My thanks to my wonderful guests for sharing their thoughts and being delightful to speak with.

Many of you became subscribers over the past couple of weeks thanks to the special 50%-off Cannes offer—which I’m extending! Because the party never stops around here.

Thank you to all of the podcast’s supporters, new and old, in this regular space for the spirited discussion of movies.


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Cannes #10 with Amy Taubin:

Prayers for the Stolen, La Civil, Clara Sola, Rehana

You can also listen to this episode on iTunes.

Amy Taubin is contributing editor at Artforum and recently wrote about Annette, this year’s opening film at Cannes.

Cannes #9 with Jonathan Romney:

A Hero, Hit the Road, Paris 13th District, Petrov’s Flu

You can also listen to this episode on iTunes.

Jonathan Romney writes for Screen Daily, Sight & Sound, and other publications, and teaches at the National Film and Television School.

Cannes #8 with Mark Asch:

The French Dispatch, Red Rocket, Titane, Compartment No. 6

You can also listen to this episode on iTunes.

Mark Asch is a critic and the author of Close-Ups: New York Movies. He used to edit my work at The L Magazine. Imagine letting me write this? He wrote about Cannes 2021.

Cannes #6 with Justin Chang:

Blue Bayou, Stillwater, Bergman Island, After Yang

You can also listen to this episode on iTunes.

Justin Chang is film critic at The Los Angeles Times and NPR Fresh Air.

I could keep listing these episodes for another page! Check out the full lineup of The Last Thing I Saw episodes here.

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Sight & Sound asked me to review The Velvet Underground documentary from Todd Haynes. How could I say no?

For Filmmaker magazine, I interviewed the director of Drive My Car, one of the award-winners at Cannes. Ryusuke Hamaguchi also directed Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy this year which was also good.

For The New York Times, I wrote about an eight-hour movie. All in a day’s work!


Delectable selections for home viewing.

Eyes on the Prize (HBO MAX)

Leviathan (MUBI)

Deep Cover (Criterion)

In the Mood for Love (Criterion)

A Quiet Passion (MUBI)

David Holzman’s Diary (OVID)


Here I may end with a song.


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