At Play with Petzold + Bruce Bennett on Budd Boetticher

Slipping through memory and myth with filmmaker Christian Petzold, and savoring NYC moviegoing and swift stories with Bruce Bennett

This week on the podcast I chat with Bruce Bennett whom I know from the storied days of the New York Sun arts section, sometime in the early 21st century. We talk about moviegoing and past freelancing in New York, I learn about story mechanics in true crime, and then we move on to the main course, the efficient yet poignantly detailed work of filmmaker Budd Boetticher. We talked for a while and it was so much fun that I’m running it in two parts because I can.

This week’s episode features another filmmaker interview: Christian Petzold, best known as the director of Barbara or Phoenix or Transit. In his latest, Undine, he explores memory and myth through the story of a woman, a museum historian, who ends one relationship and begins another. She might also be a water nymph from ancient legend who drags former lovers into a lake. Anyway, Petzold is a playful interview and he shares an inspiration for the film in the form of a real-time drama, as well as a memory of his own and, yes, the last movie he saw.

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Episode 46: Christian Petzold Interview + Bruce Bennett on Budd Boetticher and more

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Films include: Undine, Diary of a Chambermaid, Shadow of a Doubt, Seven Men from Now, The Tall T

Christian Petzold’s new film, Undine, is in theaters now. His past films include Barbara, Phoenix, and Transit.

Bruce Bennett is a scriptwriter, story producer, musician, and critic who published in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Sun, and elsewhere.

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